Tourism and social

Il secondo intervento è di Patrick Landman e Bart LePoole di Xotels sull'argomento "Tourism & Social media". Alcuni indicazioni:

- Need to be open and trasparent
- Loss of control
- Technology (learning curve, fast changing)

Create profiles is like creating email account!
Facebook, youtube, flickr/picasa, tripadvisor, twitter.
It's a matter of Communication and community.

Everybody is promoting the brand! the hotel! "me! me! me!"
People don't care the old marketing message. People don't come to Florence for the hotels! Need to promote the destination.
Problem: everybody is promoting his self...
- Videos are one of the most effective way of web marketing.
- Copy the good examples! Look how they communicate.
- Use the younger people in your company, they are not afraid of these tools.
Work smart with the web 2.0 tools
Co-opetition and Co-operation
Copyright and your destination site

Se hai 1 recensione positiva su tripadvisor:
1) ringraziare
2) metterla sulla pagina facebook
3) promuoverla su altri siti

PROMOTE DESTINATIONS - increase commerce
Your site is the destination! wrong!!! the site is not the destination!!!
Your sites should be built to exchange infomration
Syndicate (Rss, Kml, iCalendar)
Prendere pezzi di info dal sito della Regione Toscana tramite Rss e ripubblicarlo sul sito dell'hotel.
Work together with the tourism board. Contents from the tourism board to the website of the hotel.
All roads lead to destination (events, hotel, tourist attraction, restaurant, tour guides)...What, where, when.

Remarkable content: worth making a remark about
It's worth for someone else to comment, to post, to retwitter...
Don't talk about the hotel!
Mettere nel sito dell'hotel i simboli dello sharing.

Business= trust (brand) + relationship (people)+ value (euro)
Marketing Budget for hotels:
1) where do your euro go?
2) waht's your objective?Grassetto3) where is your focus?

Onsite freebees: at tourist attractions, at airport, at hotel
Free wi-fi "you use it you share it"
Una delle cose più chieste dai turisti negli hotel e nelle località è il FREE WI FI.

Social search: Hey has anybody any suggestions for me? I am going to Florence.
On facebook!

- mobile
- identity
- geo based
- realtime
- augmented reality

Your customers are online. Is your organization? Practice web 2.0.
Be remarkable, open and authentic.
Hospitality starts online not in your lobby.
Interact realtime, Friends and family are most trusted: current customers are your marketing dept.


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